Math 1553: Linear Algebra

Section J1, J2, J3

Course Information (Fall 2019)


MW, 13:55-14:45 


Weber SST III, Room 1


Interactive Linear Algebra [1553]

by Dan Margalit and Joseph Rabinoff

Course Information

Uniform Syllabus


Prof. Ronghua Pan


Skiles 108 D




Course webpage 2019/math1553/1553-J.html

Office Hours:

MW, 11:00 AM- 11:59 AM, Skiles 108D (Pan).

Teaching Assistant:

J1: Attarchi, Hassan  ( 

J2: Gundamraj, Athreya  ( 

 J3:  Katz, Ian ( )


Friday: 13:55--14:45;  J1(Skiles 257), J2(Skiles 270), J3 (Skiles 271). 


Webwork through Assignments on Canvas

Quizes & Tests

There will be weekly quizes based on homework assignments in studio, in-class midterms and one final exam.

Midterms Schedule: Exam 1: Friday, 09/20/2019

Exam 2: Friday, 10/18/2019

Exam 3: Friday, 11/15/2019

Final Exam: Tuesday, December 10, from 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM

Academic Honesty

All students are expected to comply with the Georgia Tech Honor Code (the honor code can be found at Any evidence of cheating or other violations of the Georgia Tech Honor Code will be submitted directly to the Dean of Students. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using an unapproved calculator, books, or any form of notes on tests.

  • Copying directly from any source, including friends, classmates, tutors, internet sources (including Wolfram Alpha), or a solutions manual.

  • Allowing another person to copy your work.

  • Taking a test or quiz in someone else's name, or having someone else take a test or quiz in your name.

  • Asking for a regrade of a paper that has been altered from its original form.


The components of the class are weighted as follows:

-- 5% Homework (two lowest scores dropped)

--5% Class participation, as measured by responses to Piazza poll questions

(lowest three scores dropped)

--15% Quizzes (lowest score dropped)

15% Midterm 1

--15% Midterm 2

--15% Midterm 3

--30% Final Exam

If you score higher on your final exam than on one of the midterms, then your final exam will count for 37.5% of your grade and your lowest midterm will count for 7.5% of your grade. However, any student found guilty of academic dishonesty of any kind in Math 1553 is ineligible for this policy.


After all grades are in and all overall percentage scores for students have been computed using the weights described above, grades are assigned. The standard cutoffs are as follows.

A: [90%, 100%]

B: [80%, 90%)

C: [70%, 80%)

D: [60%, 70%)

F: [0%, 60%)

So, to guarantee an A, get 90% or better overall. (90 means 90, not 89.9)

To guarantee at least a B grade, get 80% or better overall, etc.

These cutoffs might be adjusted, but only in the downward direction (to make letter grades higher). In the event of a curve, only your final overall percentage grade for the course will be curved. Individual quizzes and exams will not be curved as we go along.